I have worked alongside Adele in Paradise Permaculture Institute for over five years now and it would not be as efficient, well organized and as forward thinking without her. She has great business sense and vision, fantastic skills writing, editing and creating flyers and newsletters. Her creative thinking has benefited our organization through her expert marketing, computer skills and knowledge of social media and programs to boost almost anything we have desired to do! - Mona Lewis, Founder and President, Paradise Permaculture Institute, Livingston, MT

Adele possesses the unique ability to capture the essence of your writing, smooth over the rough edges and bring out exactly what you are trying to say with clarity and depth.  She makes your voice as a writer sharp, clear, and concise. It is amazing how she can take your words and with a few subtle changes elevate your skill as a writer and bring it to a whole new level. She makes your work shine, while still keeping your original intent. - Luella Wagner, Author and Speaker, Los Angeles, CA

Adele Field has tremendous talent which she immediately has brought to any and all projects when I have requested her assistance. From creating my wonderful eastern Montana business website (campiou.com), to assisting with marketing campaigns, and setting up and populating e-newsletters - that are both eye-catching and effective - to just basic help with web related issues, not to mention communications and marketing related challenges, Adele is there! One of my favorite partnering projects with Adele is our Little Trailer House Productions radio theater show. We create the scripts, record the parts and have our editor Dee Finning pull it all together with fun sound effects. I am very excited as Adele populates our website and creates the Little Trailer House world for our perspective listeners. What can I say??? Adele does all this majestically!!!

- Linda Lou Crosby, Author and Documentary Filmmaker, Camp IOU.com and NeonLines.com, Ingomar, MT

[From a recent client whom I helped from raw manuscript through several iterations prior to the final publication version]
Dear Adele, I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in editing my recent book, “Life is Short/Death is Forever; Finding joy and pleasure in each day without hurting anyone along the way.”  It has recently been listed on Amazon and I could not have made it as good as it is without your help. With your help I was able to make it into an uplifting, enjoyable and joyful read for the many people who have already commented on how much they enjoyed it. Your overall edit addressing organization and context helped me craft it into a much better book than I could have done on my own. Many of my fellow writers were all surprised as to your incredible work. Thanks again. – Steve A. Hartman, PhD., Author and Filmmaker