Adele Field, Boomer

"My personal mission is to create, discover, and nurture beauty in my community and our world. Creative, eclectic, outside-the-box endeavors are my passion. Technical projects often pay my bills. I want to help bring your ideas to life as the book, article, blog, or special project that you envision."

I write, edit, and coach remotely from rural southeastern Montana and from urban Los Angeles. I also have ties to the Spokane area. I am a playwright; a podcaster; a blogger; a children's book author; an editor of oral histories, books, papers, and trade publications; a writer for hire; a marketing consultant / campaign strategist; a Permaculturist; a level-one Master Gardener; and vintage trailer enthusiast.

Testimonials about my work (click to read).

Resume, highlights:
Editor and publisher of Film/TV directors' memoirs book series; annual membership directory; monthly events calendar booklet; and special membership publications for the Directors Guild of America, 1991-1998.

Editor in Chief, Design/Build Business Magazine, 1998-1999.

Marketing & PR Director, Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Cal State L.A. University, 1999-2007.

Marketing Communications Director, ZyDoc-MediSapien, NY (healthcare informatics / remote), 2007-2018; co-author, NIH-funded research study: Natural Language Processing–Enabled and Conventional Data Capture Methods for Input to Electronic Health Records: A Comparative Usability Study.

Marketing Consultant - Montana, Los Angeles, remote. HubSpot, Salesforce, Email Marketing, Blogging, Social Media. 2018-present.

Editorial Consultant - Montana, Los Angeles, remote. 2018-present.

Relief Postmaster, Melstone, MT 2007-2010.
Clerk and Marketing Consultant, weekend fill-in, Lazy JC Drug & Hardware Store, 2007-2016.
Newsletter Consultant and Webmaster, Camp IOU by Linda Lou Crosby, freelance.
Copyeditor, Headwaters Economics, freelance.
Copywriter, FSC International/Avidero Agency and Lutume, freelance.
Development Editor, Books: Various clients, references upon request.
Grantwriter and Principal, Historical Building Documentation Project, Melstone, MT, funded by the Montana Historical Society.
Board Member, Webmaster: Paradise Permaculture Institute, Livingston, MT.
President: Melstone Area Foundation.
Co-founder, Grantwriter, and Co-manager, Melstone Community Garden.

Selected business content portfolio (click to view):

Is your clinical documentation method leading to burnout?

Is Speech Recognition Safe... Enough?

You need to ask these important questions before choosing an EHR


NLP–Enabled and Conventional Data Capture Methods for Input to Electronic Health Records: A Comparative Usability Study

Book reviews:
55, Underemployed and Faking Normal: Your Guide to a Better Life, by Elizabeth Smart.

• editing non-native English work
• memoirs and oral histories
• special projects

Arts & Creative / Fun Stuff:
Co-founder, Producer, Playwright, Actor, Basement Theatre Alternative Stage, Pasadena, CA.
Installation artist, public art, Newtown Pasadena, "Evidence of Human Presence: Laundry."
Playwright, "A.I.," 10-minute play produced at the Last Chance Theatre Festival, Helena MT, October 2017.
Podcaster and Show Notes (2015):
Podcaster (current): Little Trailerhouse Productions: The Half-Pint Cafe.
Author (2016): Grandma's Trailer children's book. (1st in Oh Grandma! series)
Repurposing found objects (still experimenting to discover the best glue for my birdbath compositions!)
Video short: Glamping (working title), Little Trailer House Productions

Selected theatrical creative works (a few of many):
Bumpalong Barney's Dream & Water Park (full-length play with music, available for production; previously presented as a workshop reading; and excerpted for live performance - "Eat Your Hair" and public access TV - "The Rag Doll and the Storyteller"). A series of vignettes and songs about a couple in search of themselves who are guided by a creepy barker and his rag doll sidekick through a carnival of nightmares and dream fragments.

The Other Worldly Experience of Jeremiah P. Crabtree (Based on Speculation and Hearsay)(full-length play, available for production for community or dinner theatre; previously presented as workshop reading). A mysterious and humorous time travel tale set in a small Western town.

Some of my produced short plays & sketches:

A.I. An imperfect AI healthcare system wreaks havoc on a patient-physician encounter.

Twisted Lizards (co-author; weekly live late-night revue sketches).

The Waiting Room. An odd group of people are stuck in bureaucratic hell, waiting to transition to the real thing, or maybe, to go someplace else. Like through the door into the next room. Where human-size reptiles are singing Danke Schoen.

Reflections of a Glass Bandage / "Q". An abstract riff inspired by the 1994 Southern California earthquake that took lives and ruptured a major West-East freeway.

Black and White. Fraud, self-indulgence, or serious art? A micro-minimalist painter creates monochrome works the size of a postage stamp that no one understands.

Connections. A guy takes a cross-country bus trip after a breakup.

Credentials: MFA, Film/TV UCLA; AB, Linguistics UCLA.