About Imaginarios Consulting

Adele Field

"My personal mission is to create, discover, and nurture beauty in my community and our world. Creative, eclectic, outside-the-box endeavors are my passion. Technical projects often pay my bills. I want to help bring your ideas to life as the book, article, blog, or special project that you envision."

I write, edit, and coach remotely from rural southeastern Montana and from urban Los Angeles. I also have ties to the Spokane area. I am a playwright; a podcaster; a blogger; a children's book author; an editor of oral histories, books, papers, and trade publications; a writer/editor for hire; a marketing consultant / campaign strategist; a Permaculturist; a level-one Master Gardener; and a tiny home and vintage trailer enthusiast. View my resume and portfolio here.

My blog: "A Fixer-Upper Life"

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adelefield


Summer Darrow

Summer was born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif., and recently moved up to Eastern Washington State to enjoy some fresh air with her husband and 2 kids. 

Need help editing that blog post text you’ve got there?

Need a fresh set of eyes every week before you send out that newsletter?

Want to get the most out of communication with your customers/demographic/audience?

Got a big speech you need a little help with?

Let’s see if Summer can get you to just the right words!

Available for Skype, etc., remote sessions and in person for hourly consultations.