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Writing and Coaching

Tell your story in your voice and your style: elegant, humorous, formal, academic, conversational, informational....
Do you need a critical evaluation? A writing coach? Help getting started? Help with organization, direction, writing, rewriting, ghostwriting? What do you want to tell the world? Why (what is your purpose)? How (in what format and medium)? Bring your ideas to life as a book, article, report, memoir, how-to-guide, white paper, brochure, e-book, or blog.

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Editing and Copyediting

Thinking of writing a book? Whether you need help getting started, or help with shaping, polishing, or review, we're here for you. Get help crafting your story in your voice and your words. Put your best foot (pages) forward by ensuring your manuscript is ready for publisher submission or self-publication, for traditional print or ebook formats. Services: evaluation, distillation, smoothing, structuring, copyediting, research, and proofing.

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Content Marketing

Promote your small-business brand or non-profit mission with original and effective well-written content for web and print. Use us as your content partner to develop and communicate your message, build your visibility and credibility, and drive the right leads to your website. Services: blogging, press releases, newsletters, surveys, email campaigns, grant writing, cheerleading.

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Want to write a book? eBook? Script? Brochure? White paper? Memoir? Web content? Product descriptions? Blog posts?

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